Loud Cloud

by Matt Leech

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Seven tracks constructed from beats to demos that never fully came into fruition.


released November 13, 2011

All tracks rearranged June - November, 2011 at 1012 Blenheim Ave and 1004 Druid Ave in Charlottesville, VA

Cover photo taken August 2011 at 1004 Druid Ave. Clockwise: Lewis, Vivian.



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Matt Leech Harrisonburg, Virginia

My name is Matt Leech and I reside in Harrisonburg, VA, USA. I've been lucky enough to have spent many years playing songs across the U.S. alongside my friends and family. I've been in a handful of bands over the years. Some of these songs are from then, some of these songs are from now, and some of these songs really don't belong anywhere. ... more

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Track Name: Sacked
Saturated, Syllabled, Sifted, Stripped:
This is as simple as anything gets.
White people unpack in recycled apartments built from the planks of a sunk wooden ship
You thought your heart sunk with it, but it's started beating again.
This used to be our block, and now it's a corral for livestock.
Tagged, collared, and tied, hollowed inside, in line for the chopping block.
We're no different than anyone else here
Track Name: 2236 W. Great Neck
What's the difference? Something's gonna get me one of these days - I might as well get the ball rolling on my own.
If it's not an engine fire in Arkansas, it'll be a hole in my throat.
My credit card's maxed out but I'm finally smiling.
The sun's shining.
Drunk dial or not, I thank you kindly.
It's good to hear you laughing.
It's good to hear you sing.
And someone spreads the ashes where we once made out.
And every time I go back, your name's there in the sand.
There's nothing wrong about this.
I'd bet it all again.
It's in the jukebox by the bay at Lynnhaven.
Track Name: Confirmation
Everyone seems to long for a second life.
A different type of job, something more organic.
He made it grow on trees, meant for none of these people.
But still we eat, ashamed, we fall asleep, and sweat it out when we walk by a steeple.
Track Name: Renter's Syndrome
The sins of those before us grip tight my wife and kids. We've spent so much of our lives resigning so much of ourselves to them. We watch the others buy what can't be owned and fence it in. We pay rent to live in piles of rotted wood and softened brick.
Track Name: Oversell
I don't remember and it's not important.
It doesn't matter who you think you may have loved before this.
Everyone's got some history they just can't drink away;
That doesn't make your feelings historic.
What's expected feels unrealistic,
But living in the past makes you seem self-important.
Living without it makes you seem so aloof.
Smile, early 20's, you're not supposed to have a clue
Very few people do, and even fewer find one.
I used to tell you I knew a little bit about a lot.
You'll find I'm the opposite of what I've sold you.
I'm not asking you to honor all the wrong I wrought, but try to forgive the difference.
Everybody's had somebody that somehow drifted away
"It never happens on purpose, life just gets in the way." You say.
It never happens on purpose, some people just don't know how to change.