by Matt Leech

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released December 15, 2010

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, and 9 recorded May - June 2010 66 E Grattan St in Harrisonburg, VA.

Tracks 3, 5, 6, and 8 recorded November - December 2010 at 1012 Blenheim Ave in Charlottesville, VA.

All arranging and recording done by Matt Leech on a Macbook built-in microphone.

Cover photo taken half way up Short Hill on the Leech Hereford's family farm in December 2011; Lexington, VA.



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Matt Leech Harrisonburg, Virginia

My name is Matt Leech and I reside in Harrisonburg, VA, USA. I've been lucky enough to have spent many years playing songs across the U.S. alongside my friends and family. I've been in a handful of bands over the years. Some of these songs are from then, some of these songs are from now, and some of these songs really don't belong anywhere. ... more

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Track Name: Empty House
It's been a year to the day, remember when you and I laid on the bay watching the tide ebb and flow again? you've become so vacant, like our old empty house, we swore we'd never lock each other out. Where do my friends go when they die? Bite the dust, suck it up, suck it in, we're going on again, but nobody's even listening. I know what you've been up to old friend. Every day you write the same thing again.
Track Name: Concussion
Take a step back, take a look around, take a walk downtown. Tell me again why we came, and tell me again why we stay here. What are we saving up for? What is it that we're working towards? Why these bricks were laid, why we'll bend until we break down?
Track Name: Ambulance
If I could, I'd go back, but I wouldn't change a thing. Not the photos, occupied old frames. "These people!" look how they became medians, a sketchbook page, some outdated prose, "minimum waged," turning into their folks in the worst way. It's a 20-somethings "epidemic" these days. I hear we're so unproductive. I hear we're so goddamn destructive. I've been hearing the same thing, since i was seventeen.

I feel i'm getting worse off every day my poor memory sets in. I may not say it, but i hope it shows, I'm so grateful for all you've bestowed, father of mine. You're my best friend. Darling wife, please be patient. my bad habits will leave slow, but i promise you they'll go, eventually.
Track Name: Country Summer
What is it we're doing here? It gets a little harder every year, to figure out how this place holds any worth. Every day time comes and it goes, it ebbs and it flows, and yet we've got nothing to show, nothing washed up.

Nothing really washed up worth our keeping, or nothing really worth anybody seeing. We threw away our earnings to keep the furnace burning. We drained out all our savings to keep our country summer. To keep the leaves from falling, we sold everything we owned, but nothing we owned was worth keeping anyway.

What exactly are we doing here? I'm so worn out from trying. Are we proud, or are we scared to tackle something new?
Track Name: Single Double
Before it started, I could detail any scene, and then we moved in and fell asleep. We had so much luxury: Our apartment was empty, and our tanks were full. All push no pull, but each year I'm losing steam. I just know that it's happening, I don't know WHAT'S happening. It's just like all the things we've only felt but never seen, like wind, or cold, or ghosts. What we owed used to seem concrete: Our bank account was empty, our mattress was full. All fight no fold,
but each year we're accumulating, we're maintaining. But every time the first snow hits the soil, my blood starts to boil.
Track Name: Greatest Hits
The more the world goes wireless, the more locked down I've become. Do you remember what you did before you'd log in? I have trouble recalling. Who's home did this used to be? Hasn't everything been owned to a certain degree? Who put this here for me? I guess we'll agree to disagree about what's divine and what's debris. What'll you haunt when you're gone? A bar stool, your childhood home, a college degree? Minoring in history's taught you nothing but what's new, and what's repeating. What're your greatest hits? Write it down, and stick with it.
Track Name: Corridor
Old friend, where are you taking me? Surely this cannot be serving. We've been walking down this corridor for some time now: you're still turning keys. Surely there's a door worth opening. All I know, it goes from my head to my feet. Who's laying grain in front of where the two of us are walking? Walking against it used to seem so interesting, but now I just feel bored. All my friends, neighbors, family; they're all customers to me, but they're never right.
Track Name: Jim
All my friends, neighbors, family; they're all customers, but they're never right. They just keep buying what I sell them, and you and I, we steal it back at night.

We put her in the ground that night, I spent the day digging, you were in the kitchen getting high. We moved what we thought were mountains, turns out it's just a trash pile.