Sing! Sing! Prison

by Matt Leech

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This was my high school/early college band, Sing! Sing! Prison. We called it quits in March of 2009 after a short farewell tour, and released our last four recorded songs for the shows. Total, we self-released three EPs, two of which I've included, and the earliest I'm still too embarrassed to share. Also, I've posted two live tracks from one of our last shows at the U. of Md. college radio station sometime over spring break for JMU in 2005 (with Hue of Two, Danke, and Hi Ho Six Shooter). The entire discography is still miraculously floating around the internet.

I once heard the expression, "The only person smarter than a high school senior is a college freshmen." This couldn't be more true. God bless 18-year-old angst.


released March 12, 2005

Recorded and mixed by Andy Armentrout.

Drums: Andrew Boudouris
Guitar/Vocals: Matt Leech
Bass/Back up Vocals: Harper Holsinger



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Matt Leech Harrisonburg, Virginia

My name is Matt Leech and I reside in Harrisonburg, VA, USA. I've been lucky enough to have spent many years playing songs across the U.S. alongside my friends and family. I've been in a handful of bands over the years. Some of these songs are from then, some of these songs are from now, and some of these songs really don't belong anywhere. ... more

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Track Name: Staples And Tape (2005)
I'll make this opaque for isolation's sake. I'll mix paint, creating equations for love or disaster. I'll ask her, "Who stole who's love this time? Is it mine?" Is there truth in these staples and tape, Or is glitter just glamour as substance for things that you think? Is there truth in this childhood valentine? Is it love, is it lust? Oh my God...

Is it me or my belongings that puts a smile on your face? I'm not interested in you, I'm in love with the shapes you make. You're a number, and I'm a letter under-cover: Seductive in saunter, but poetic in posture.

How are you getting around here, with square wheels and rusted hinges? Reading books on big ideas, and building bridges just to burn them. I watched my shadow board a train and tell me stories when we meet again. Weathered by weather, I wonder if I've done anything worth writing home about.